Privacy Policy

Moozicore is a web-based service available at (“Service”) and also can be access through the mobile applications.
When you register or log onto the Service, you become our user (“user”, “users”, “you”, “your”).

The general Moozicore Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) which explain how you can use the Service is available at

The Privacy Policy presents how we process and protect personal data of our users.

I. Who handles your personal data

We shall handle it. We are Moozicore Inc. registered at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958, United States, our file number is 6419621, incorporated on May 22, 2017 (”Moozicore”, “we”, “us”, “our”, “Administrator”).

We will handle all the data connected to the Service, including all personal data processed by the Service in accordance and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/WE (General Data Protection Regulation), (“Regulation” or “GDPR”).

If you are not in an EU Member State when you register or while log in to the Service, the Regulation will not apply. We will continue to protect your personal data in accordance with the Regulation, but you take responsibility for any mishandling of your personal data that happens on such occasions.

II. How we process and what data we collect

We primarily process your personal data to provide you with the Service – as outlined in the T&C, to which you give us your consent by accepting this Privacy Policy. Specifically, we process your personal data to enable registration and create a user account on the Service, which according to the GDPR is carried out on the basis of art. 6 point 1 letter a) of the GDPR. In this regard you will need to provide us with the following personal data:

  • email address which may contain your name and last name
  • contact information which may contain your address, telephone number

When using Service you may also provide us with other information such as pictures, list of favourite artists and bands, playlists etc.

When you use the Service, we will also collect following data:

  • location information (latitude, longitude) so the Service can verify if you are in the radius of the public venue in which Moozicore is available. When you check-in to the public venue, the Service will every now and then check by accessing your mobile device’s location information if you are still within acceptable range of the Moozicore’s public venue. We are using your location once you check in to the public venue and we will show the location of your mobile device to other users but not your actual exact latitude or longitude data, we will not store it however the Service will remember your selection of songs and other actions within the service as described below. To provide the mobile features of the Service, we derive location information from your wireless carrier, certain third-party service providers, or directly from the mobile device that you used to register with Moozicore. This location tracking of your mobile device occurs only when the Moozicore application is actively open and running. Android mobile app version also uses localization data to send push notifications about nearby venues, when the app is working in the background and even if it is not being used at a particular moment.
  • played history: the Service stores history of songs played, voted, added to queue or for which the user has pressed “play it now” and in which venue this action was taken
  • within the Service you can also add other user’s as your friends. When you do so, they will see your played history as above. Other users can also see your actions in the app, for example, when you check in a venue, your avatar can be seen on the list of checkedin users. If another user clicks on it, they can see your actions, e.g. votes
  • other metadata related to your settings of the Service and the exact time of using the Service
  • log file information is automatically collected by the Service each time you access it or it is running on your mobile device and the Service will collect following log file information: location information (latitude, longitude)

We believe that all the data you provide are true and correct. Unfortunately, as we cannot verify that independently, we will not be liable for any incorrect, incomplete or false data you provide us with or for any legal consequences related to providing incorrect, incomplete or false data.

You provide all your personal data voluntarily. When you complete and send the interactive forms and/or provide us with the required files and documents you give your consent for their processing for the purposes listed above.

We collect the above data when the application on your mobile device is open and running and if you use the Service via website.

In addition to the above-mentioned purposes, we may process the collected personal data to:

  • contact you when it is required to ensure proper operation of the Service
  • send you newsletters (only if you subscribed)
  • send information on our products and services
  • send information on products and services of entities we cooperate with (only if you gave your consent)
  • facilitate to run the Service
  • facilitate your access to your personal data we collected
  • monitor and test effectiveness of the services provided
  • design and test new functionalities and services
  • prepare statistic data on the use of the Service provided
  • take actions against or preventing misuse of the services provided
  • personalize the content within the Service
  • remember login information so you do not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you open application on your mobile device or access Service via website
  • let efficiently access your information after you log in

III. Personal data use by the third parties

We will protect your personal data we collected as required by the Regulation at all time. Sometimes, we will need to share it with third parties and our employees. We will ensure that this will only be done to ensure smooth operation of the Services, namely to:

  • to ensure the correct, safe and lawful operation of the Service
  • settle accounts within for your use of the Service
  • ask a third party to operate the Service or some of its parts on our behalf for us
  • assert our legitimate claims
  • do other things – if you permit us

We will not sell or otherwise share your personal data with third parties except when you give your consent, law or a court of law so requires or to operate the Service.

Sharing your personal data to the third parties will always be compliant with the Regulation and this Privacy Policy and other relevant rules.

IV. Third party payment processors

We use a third-party credit card processor to process your credit card purchases within the Service. In order to do so, we will need to share via secure (encrypted) means with this thirdparty payment processor your name, address, email, phone number and your credit card's type, number, expiration date and CVC number and your order total (billing information) in order to complete your request. Please note that billing information is stored by such thirdparty credit card processor and not Moozicore. Therefore, the third-party credit card processor's privacy policy shall apply. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Moozicore is not affiliated in any way with the third-party credit card processor and that we have no responsibility or liability for the services provided by such third-party credit card processor or for the third-party credit card processor's acts or omissions.
Information regarding your last purchases will be stored within the Service and visible to you.

V. Third party applications

You can also connect through the Service to third party applications such as facebook, twitter etc. where you can share your activity within the Service and other data to users of third party services. In such situation your personal data will be shared with such third party and you shall read such third party privacy policy to understand how they process your personal data.

VI. Age restrictions

You may only use the Service if you are of legal age and enjoy full legal capacity in your country of origin.

VII. Protection of personal data

We ensure that we shall take reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the your personal data we collect. Only duly authorized personnel and third parties that ensure compliance with the requirements of the Regulation regarding the processing and security of the personal data can process your personal data we collect.
Personal data are processed using secured hardware and distributed databases including additional logging to data, encryption and pseudonymisation of the personal data need a higher-level clearance as access to the higher risk data is additionally protected.
We undertake actions to minimize the risk of sending personal data through the internet. Notwithstanding the above, we need to remind you that sending anything, including personal data, through the internet is not entirely secure and may be susceptible to risks we cannot mitigate.

We cannot be held liable for any risk associated with your use of end devices. It remains only your duty to ensure an adequate level of security of your end devices and software you use to access the Service. As we take reasonable steps to protect your privacy, you are responsible for maintaining secrecy of your unique password and account information and to control access to your account at all times.
As part of a global organization, Moozicore operates both within and outside the European Economic Area (the “EEA”) and from time to time we may transfer your data from the EEA for processing in a territory outside the EEA that does not have the same statutory levels of data protection as the EEA. When we do so, we utilize the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission in order to ensure that your data has equivalent levels of protection. You may request a copy of the Standard Contractual Clauses which we have entered into with the entity processing your data by contacting us.

VIII. Personal data storage period

We will store your data as long as we will need it to operate, maintain and provide you with the features and functionalities of the Service. This is determined individually and depends on such things as the nature of the data, the reason for its collection and processing as well as the relevant regulations or operational needs or as long as it is required by the law. When we no longer need to store such data, it will be deleted or anonymised in a secure and permanent manner or access to them will be blocked to the extent that the statutory requirements for data storage apply.

IX. Your rights

You have following rights connected to our processing of your personal data:

  • you can withdraw consent to the processing of the personal data; personal data processing from before the withdrawal remains legal
  • you can request access to your personal data, which is implemented, among others, through access to data provided in the Service
  • you can request correction (rectification) of your personal data collected, which is implemented, among others, by the possibility of correcting users data in the Service
  • you can request removal of your personal data collected, to the extent that it does not violate the legal obligations imposed on the Administrator, including the possibility of removing the user's account from the Service
  • you can request a restriction of your personal data collected
  • you can transfer personal data, including right to receive a copy of your personal data in a machine-readable format
  • you can object to the processing of your personal data, including its processing for direct marketing
  • you can file a complaint with the relevant supervisory body in your country

We will implement all users’ rights related to the processing of the personal data in accordance with the Regulation.

In order to efficiently execute inquiries and requests related to the processing of personal data, please forward your questions or concerns to

X. Cookie policy

When visiting Service, small files can be saved (cookies) on your end device. We use cookies to store various information which ensures that your user experience of the Service is smooth. We had to encrypt these files to prevent access to their content by anybody but us.

According to the software settings used on your end device, the following cookies are used:

  • technical cookies that ensure proper operation and display of the Service in the browser you use, as well as ensure the safety of your activities in the Service, continuity of the session in case of logging in
  • analytical cookies which allow us to monitor Service statistics, verify the display content frequency, aid with fraud detection within the Service through application of automated actions (bots)

Technical cookies are mostly stored on the your end device within a given session of using the Service. These cookies are deleted when a session ends, or the browser is turned off. Other cookies can be permanently saved on your end device.

You can change the way cookies are used on your end device. It is possible to disable saving of the cookies, but it may cause the Service to malfunction.

How you change the cookies settings depends on the software used by your end device.